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Pastor Larry Quinnell

Worship Director Clif Payne

Worship Director Clif Payne

Pastor Larry and Pily Quinnell

 When I was 20,  I was challenged by a close friend as to my eternal destiny.  Until  then, my pursuit of God was merely one of intellectual curiosity. In  that conversation with my friend,  I realized the seriousness of what was at stake and asked Jesus to be  my Lord and Savior. 

As my relationship with God grew and began to permeate all of my life, I realized I wanted to learn more. I decided to go to bible college to learn New Testament Greek.  I earned my bachelor’s degree at North American Baptist College and  Seminary in Edmonton, Canada. I received a call into the ministry a few  years later during my first trip to Israel. 

I love living in Discovery  Bay, and want to see all of the people meet and  love the same Jesus who has loved me. I want our church to be a blessing to our community. 

I am married to a loving wife, Pily, and we have two wonderful children, Debby and Cody. 

Worship Director Clif Payne

Worship Director Clif Payne

Worship Director Clif Payne

Clif Payne

  In my music career, I have been blessed and fortunate to open in concert for Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, Dionne Warwick and others. My pop music career continues. But, I'm also blessed as a worship leader to have led my worship team opening ministry concerts forLincoln Brewster ("Everlasting God," "Today Is The Day.") and Derek Johnson (Jesus Culture)  

 What brought me back to Christ after years of pursuing stardom in the music business?  I had a healthy pro resume, but a malnourished soul.  Some might call it a mid-life crisis.  Maybe.  But I prefer to call it a spiritual awakening.  It wasn’t the first time God had knocked on my life’s door. But it was the first time I had listened and opened that door.  The rest is no longer my story - it’s His story. 

 I'm supremely blessed to be a Dad to a wonderful son and daughter.